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Welcome to Homeschooling Michigan & Michigan Homeschool Message Board!

Founded in January of 2006, Homeschooling Michigan is intended to be the center for homeschooling in Michigan. Our mission is to bring together support groups, resources and activities for the Michigan Homeschooler. We seek to do this through the Michigan Homeschool Message Board, Homeschooling Michigan Blog, user submitted requests, and sources found.

We welcome to help make this site useful to you whether you are just thinking about homeschooling, need to locate Michigan homeschool laws, or want to know when the next multi-group function is.

Michigan Homeschool Message Board

Michigan Homeschool Message Board is a friendly and inclusive forum that Michigan homeschoolers use to ask questions, discuss answers, and share experiences. Serious discussions, off-topic queries, humorous anecdotes, and mindless chatter are all appreciated here. Guests have access to read most messages but you do need to register (it's free!) to post and reply.

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News Release 9/12/2006: Michigan Merit Examination

Home-Schooled Students Have Opportunity to Take Michigan Merit Examination, Obtain Free ACT Scores. Home-schooled students in Michigan this coming spring will be able to take the Michigan Merit Exam, the state’s new high school assessment that includes the national ACT college entrance exam. Download and read the September 12, 2006 news release.

Looking for a music program?

Oakland Homeschool Music, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing a complete K - 12 music education program for homeschoolers. They offer Elementary Music Class, Band, Orchestra, and Choir for beginner to advanced levels. Their students attend MSVMA & MSBOA events, and consistently receive I (superior) and II (good) ratings. Oakland Homeschool Music, Inc. has two locations - Waterford and Troy. contact: C. Beard 248-760-7864. Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Lapeer, and Genesee counties.

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Kids apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics.
SE Michigan Homeschool Odyssey of the Mind info.

Two of the South East Michigan Homeschool teams placed first in their division/problem at Regionals this month and will be going on to State Competition. The other two teams also did fabulous!

Homeschool Skating!

Many skating rinks are offering Michigan homeschoolers special skating sessions. Have fun and get great exercise with friends roller skating or inline skating. Look for a participating rink near you.

Is ice skating your thing? Check out Ice Skating Information Exchange. This group is designed primarily for Metro Detroit Area homeschooling families to arrange ice skating get togethers for their kids, though it is not limited to just homeschooling families. The list can be used by these families to buy, sell, and trade ice skates, costumes, leotards, and other ice skating paraphernalia. Exchanging information about coaches, instructors, and ice skating classes is permitted.


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